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How does the program work?

When a visitor clicks on one of our banners on your site we track him/her through a cookie. We know that the visitor that landed on our casino site came from you. When he/she downloads the games, deposits money and loses money you will receive a commission on the losses. You own each and every player for life. Even if they come back years from now to play you will collect money. The commission you earn is based on the gross revenue generated by each player. In addition to referring players, you can also refer sub-affiliates. You will get a commission on the sales that they generate.

What are the payout rates?

You will earn 35% commission on players you refer to us and you will earn 5% on your sub-affiliates gaming traffic.

Do I have to be approved?

Yes. Each affiliate applicant is manually approved by our affiliate director. We allow all types of sites to be affiliated with us, that includes adult themed sites. However we reserve the right to refuse any affiliate.

Where do I find my tracking code?

Unlike older generation affiliate programs we do not provide you with only one code. Each banner and link has a unique code, so you can optimize your marketing campaign. You can track precisely your ad campaigns. When you log in with your affiliate ID and password the banners and links are customized with your tracking code. However, you may also create one campaign with one tracking code and use a simplified version of our affiliate program.

Where do I get marketing materials?

All marketing materials can be find in our member area. You must have an affiliate ID and password to access our marketing materials.

How are my referred players connected to my account?

When a player visits our site from yours we attach your affiliate ID to the player information. From that point on that player will be linked to your account forever. Every time that player does a transaction on the site it will be reflected in your account and you will be credit for it.

I applied, but I haven't received a response from you. What now?

We usually respond to every affiliate application within the same business day. However if it's a weekend, national or religious holiday it may take a little longer. Please also check your spam filter to see if our email ended up there. If you don't hear from us in 3 business days, please contact us again.

How often do the stats update?

The stats are recorded in real-time as transactions take place. However to east the load on our servers the data may not be uploaded to our statistics server immediately. Please allow up to an hour for stats to update on the server.

How do I change my personal information?

You need to log-in and click on the "Edit-Info" tab to change your personal details.

Do I need separate accounts for various websites?

No. If you'd like the track the performance of your various websites, you may set up different campaign. It can all be done under one account.

Can you help my with exclusive promotions?

Yes. We can set up exclusive bonuses and promotional opportunities for you. Please contact us and tell us what you have in mind.

Can you set up exclusive landing pages for me?

Yes. This is a possibility for qualified affiliates as well.

Can you create customized banners for me?

Yes. Please tell us your needs and we will create custom banners per your request.

Do you have a dedicated marketing support person?

Yes. Please contact us to get the name and information of the account executive in charge of your account.

Can I promote your site through email?

We do not allow spamming. Any accounts will be immediately shut down if the affiliate is reported to be spamming. Double opt-in email lists are accepted. However spam complaints will lead to the immediate dismissal of the affiliate.

I have a database for sale. Are you interested?

No. Usually these requests involve fraudulently obtained player databases.

What is your conversion rate?

We are proud of our superb conversion rate. However the rate of conversion differs from one affiliate to another. Different traffic converts in different ways. Our payment solutions and our bonus structure allows us to convert a high percentage of players. If you have well targeted traffic, you will be pleased with our conversion ratio.

What is your player value?

This is also different from one affiliate to another just like the conversion ratio. Across the board our player value is over $1200 for the first six months of of operation. We expect this value to rise.

When do I see my payment?

End Game Affiliates processes affiliate payments during the first two weeks of the month and send payments by the 15th of each month for the previous month.

How do I get my money?

We offer several payout options:
- Deposit to your SlotPowers.com account
- NETeller
- Skrill (MoneyBookers)
- EcoPayz
- Wire Transfer ($1,000 minimum)

We pay commissions if your balance is over $50/month. Balances are carried over from one month to the next.

How do I check my commissions?

Log-in to your account at EndGameAffiliates.com to check your stats. All types of reports are at your disposal.

Do negatives carry over to the following month?

No. If you have a month with negative commission you will start at zero on the first day of the next month.

What happens in the event of a chargeback?

A chargeback is when a credit card merchant refunds a customer after the customer successfully disputes an item on their credit card statement.
Unfortunately there are a small percentage of players that abuse this system. After making a successful deposit these abusive players claim they never made the purchase so they can get their money back from the credit card company. Our casino takes every possible measure to prevent chargeback abuse, however, in the unlikely event that they occur, the amount will be deducted from the casino revenue and it may negatively affect your commission.

How can I contact affiliate support?

You can contact us via email, MSN messenger, Skype, FaceBook, CasinoAffiliate Lounge or by phone. Click here for details.

An affiliate sent me spam. What do I have to do?

Please email us a copy of the offending mail and we will take appropriate measures.

Where is the casino licensed?

Our casinos are licensed in Curacao (Dutch Antilles).

Is the affiliate program approved?

Yes, we are in perfect standing with the leading affiliate system watchdog organizations.

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